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Why It Works


Powerful technology and a simple business model – YieldKit offers great ways to make the most of your content and audience.


The Technology

The YieldKit Monetization Platform is a fully featured Performance Marketing Aggregator for Publishers. YieldKit develops technology that makes a publisher’s life easier. Our YieldKit Monetization Platform (YMP) has been built for one purpose: Providing a superior way to enable a wide variety of performance-based marketing for publishers.The YieldKit Monetization Platform connects affiliate programs, incentives like cashback programs and rebate coupons, product promotion feeds and other innovative performance marketing services with the right inventory.

It takes just minutes to get started and generate revenue with YieldKit’s Turnkey Solutions which are based on the YieldKit Monetization Platform.

At its technical core the YieldKit Monetization Platform is a set of powerful Open APIs, easily accessible by all major frameworks.

Truly modular

  • Extensible architecture enables quick deployment of new features and fast optimization.
  • All of YieldKit’s solutions are based on the YieldKit Monetization Platform.

Flexible Reporting

  • Standard Reporting Interface with all the data you need to improve your business
  • Customizable, to fit your special needs
  • Report integration in existing systems possible

Customizable based on the fully documented API set

  • Easy to implement for enhancement of existing systems
  • New White Label products by combining specific YieldKit APIs with existing services, creating entirely new revenue streams without the development effort