The Rise And Rise Of The Parent Blogger

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The Rise And Rise Of The Mommy Blogger

From new moms to stay-at-home dads, the parent blogger is a positively modern phenomenon. Passionate, opinionated and creative, mom and dad blogs are a huge growth area in 2013. In the UK, the Mumsnet Bloggers Network is a busy, thriving hub of user generated content, news and opinions, and it’s just one of hundreds of similar networks around the world.


Not only is blogging a fantastic outlet for parents – many of whom may feel isolated – it’s also a vital source of income in tough economic times. Parents blog to overcome depression, save money, maintain personal interests or share experiences with others coming to terms with the responsibilities they face.


The Influence of the Mommy Blog


Two years ago, Ty Kiisel wrote in Forbes that he initially found mommy bloggers difficult to respect. Times are changing. According to last year’s Parent Blogger Benchmark Survey, 50 percent of the 850 people surveyed use the internet to research family purchases. When it comes to the flipside of that relationship – product endorsement and reviews – support among bloggers is massive: more than 9 out of 10 bloggers surveyed said they’d be interested in covering new products on their blog.


It could be time for traditional PR techniques, such as TV advertising, to modernize and make way for a new way of thinking.


Leveraging the Power of Social PR


Brands once chased ‘shares’ and ‘likes’ in terms of pure numbers. They’re now looking for meaningful social connections. Even the best analytics tools can’t come close to real life experience, and that’s something moms and dads can offer in spades.


Parents who blog tend to be well connected on social media, having had the time to thoroughly research and trial different networks to find their niche. Usually, parents who leverage social media are self-taught, self-motivated and incredibly well-connected. By working with parent bloggers, PR agencies can harness the power of social media via the advantageous viewpoint of a parent blogger that’s built up a genuine, authentic following.


Harnessing Reviews and Ratings


Bloggers are rarely motivated by money. Often, the urge to start a blog comes from an entirely different place: there’s a real desire to impart information, advise their peers and share experiences on a common theme. With such a receptive audience comes a prime channel for valuable, honest reviews and feedback.


Paying bloggers for content is frowned upon, but it needn’t be a tactic you employ. Often, parent bloggers will jump at the chance to demo a new product in a real-life setting, and the resulting content is often far more detailed than a quick snippet in the press. Moms and dads have nothing to lose; their opinions are genuine, and that makes them fantastic partners when gathering feedback and generating positive PR.


A trustworthy relationship between brand and blogger creates a ripple effect among parents: the people most likely to make purchasing decisions and develop relationships with branded goods that may last a lifetime.


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