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As affiliates we are always looking for new tools that will help us increase our reach and let more and more people see our site every single day. When we write a blog post we have to let people access it. Finding a blog can be tricky, but with some hard work and dedication it is all possible.


There are many ways that we can increase exposure, just by doing small steps in certain programs or tools that will help us increase our productivity.


Some of the tools I use have taken me a long time to understand and develop. I have spent hours, going through them and looking to see if their is a function that no other program has that will help me increase reach.



First Blogging Tool is one of the newest social media tools I use. This is a fully integrated platform that lets you aggregate content and share it over multiple networks as well as in the platform. Inside the platform you can create ‚newspaper’ styled content from selected publishers. YieldKit


If you have a blog you can add your posts to the platform and then share the information to people who might use your content. is a free tool to use, however it is not so quick to setup and it does take time to build connections and for people to accept your blog post into their newspaper.


A great tool, that requires hard work and dedication to get real exposure, but it is worth trying.



Second Blogging Tool


I have talked about before, but it is a tool that is under estimated. I started the YieldKit as an information portal that hosts news and blog posts from me. The best thing about is that you can connect other people to your newspaper, share and show off their work.


Why is this so great? Well when a new edition of your paper is released there is an option to auto send out the paper via Twitter. When the paper gets shared over the network then the top contributors get their names added to the tweet, meaning the paper gets shared to them. If your paper has enough information in it it may mean that they re-tweet the content giving your paper further exposure.


Social Tools


If you upgrade your you also have access to lots of great and interesting functions, such as branding, different colour schemes and editing options. You can also turn the paper into a newsletter, which can then be distributed to your email lists. is a great platform for aggregating content and then sharing it to the masses (just remember to add some other people or businesses to your paper for more exposure).



Third Blogging Tool


Many of you may know about this little tool called Just-Retweet. It was designed to make social sharing simpler and to give people even more reach and enter new verticals. You earn points via the Just Re-Tweet interface by liking or re-tweeting other peoples content. You can then add your own blog posts into the system and give them a point score. When someone likes or re-tweets your article they will earn points for it.



Just Re-Tweet YieldKit


Now sometimes this system is a bit hit and miss, you never know how genuine the people are who re-tweet, however there are some limits you can set. If you are looking for your content to be shared with people with a real interest in your niche then I would suggest only allowing your content to be shared through Twitter. This means people cannot easily earn points just for ‚Liking’ your post, which can be done in 1 second. A re-tweet takes longer, and has more value than just a like or a +1, an actual message is being shared too.


Now I would not say this tool brings you much direct traffic, however I do think there is potential for your posts to be seen by new audiences easier. Many people share your content once it is on there. You can also set how many Twitter followers the user must have for them to be able to re-tweet your content. I use the number 600 normally, as not many bots or fake accounts have this many followers.


This tool is free, and extremely quick to setup and post onto. I would try just-retweet as a quick and free service that will broaden your exposure. It doesn’t neccessarily target your main audience however.



Just by using these three methods you will help increase your overall exposure. Spend some time to learn these platforms and at the end of the month you will greatly increase your impressions and hopefully clicks. If I were to pick any blogging tool to begin with, I would suggest getting your content onto Just Re-Tweet as it is extremely easy to do.


Many thanks, Rob Walker.