Removing Stress – Affiliate Networks

Removing Stress – Affiliate Networks


Creating an online business is like riding a bike. It takes time, dedication and practice. When you are smaller you think you know what to expect, you see yourself riding that bike, but when the time comes it isn’t always that easy.  You make mistakes, you fall, but the ultimate challenge is finding a way to get back on that bike and continue riding, even if you keep falling.


This course of action can be applied to many affiliates out there. They see the glits and glamour and they want to be apart of it. But truth be told, many people don’t understand the hard work it takes to fulfill your goals and to not be detered in this industry. The people who create a real online business are the ones who find a solution to all problems.



There are many problems that affiliates face on a daily basis. Your sites are not being accepted into advertiser networks. When applying for programs you are being denied for many reasons. You may not have enough traffic that is specific to the program or you’re in a program but it just isn’t converting. Perhaps your best converting program has just ended and you have no other choices. We all know these problems, even for larger affiliates these happen.


A Few Networks YieldKit Works With:


YieldKit Linkshare

YieldKit Zanox

Commision Junction YieldKit

YieldKit Tradedoubler

YieldKit Affilinet

YieldKit Ebay Affiliate

YieldKit Affiliate Window

YieldKit Amazon Associates


YieldKit can offer you a wide range of networks, so you don’t have to spend the majority of your time applying or joining new programs. We do it for you.



If you’re an individual affiliate with many sites and you want full coverage on all networks, all programs and options then this is going to be a hard task to complete. Many networks and advertisers offer extremely specific criteria that an individual may struggle to complete. You may have to have a bank account in a certain country, or your domain names will have to point to certain countries. There are actually countless reasons why you could be denied (some even still confuse us).


For any affiliate these problems can be stressful and tiresome. You could be on the phone at 1am speaking to an American account manager trying to organize all of your information. A lot of un-needed work just to get into a network that has a program that may support one of your landing pages targetting US iPhone consumers right?


This is where solutions like YieldKit can help. We spend hours, upon hours, upon hours dedicating tasks to our team, organizing and integrating our tools with advertiser networks from all over the world. We build relationships, apply to programs (have been rejected more than once) but we have persisted so you don’t have to. We fine tuned our system and accounts to give Publishers a relaxed affiliate environement – something no affiliate dares to hear. But it’s true, we continue to do all of the work so you dont have to.


So instead of learning how to ride your bike, you can now just jump in your car and drive away.


YieldKit is here to make your life easier.


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