YieldWidget The New Affiliate Experience

Introducing YieldWidget

Visualize your affiliate links in a subtle environment.

Bring new life to your advertising and give your users the freedom they need to make purchases.

The new and improved affiliate experience.


The affiliate market is changing and we are at the fore front of this change. Today we are excited to release YieldWidget, our interactive affiliate tool that gives users more control over what they buy.

Our solution gives publishers a controllable affiliate environment that injects a widget over YieldWord 2 links. The widget is small in size and boosts user experience due to its subtle mouse over function. This small box is filled with relevant and detailed information that will greatly increase conversions.



Concise multi tab environment that offers:


– Image of the product


– Brief but detailed description of the linked product


– Top 3 places to buy linked product


– Reviews of the linked product


– Fade In/Out widget



YieldWidget YieldKit



Why Use YieldWidget?


Our new tool utilizes a modern approach to affiliate marketing. Converted links via the YieldWord2 tool allow for a simpler and more concise affiliate experience that doesn’t interrupt your customers browsing like traditional banner ads.


Product information provides facts to the user that lets them understand the product in a matter of seconds.


By offering more than one purchasing option per link it helps increase the chance of conversion. Everyone likes more choice.


Product reviews let your users know what millions of people from around the world think. This keeps them on your page longer and less time searching for reviews, an essential part of the conversion process.


YieldWidget keeps users who are interested in an affiliate purchase on your site longer and decreases the chance of bouncing to other pages to find out product information.


YieldWidget brings a virtual shopping presence to your page, no matter if you are a blog, content network or community. You can now provide information as well as a place to buy products in one simple installation.



YieldWidget YieldKit



How To Install YieldWidget?


Installing YieldWidget could not be simpler, just follow our step by step guide after registering for YieldKit and you will have YieldWord ready to go in no time.
Remember that YieldKit can be installed in 5 minutes and is completly free to use. YieldKit and all of the tools can be installed on any platform in a matter of moments. WordPress, Blogging, Joomla or just a normal HTML site.





Many thanks, YieldKit Team.