Interview With An Affiliate Guru – Ian Fernando

Interview With a Guru – Ian Fernando

We have a new interview this week that brings you a look at a very well known and respected affiliate marketer who has been building and developing his own platforms, services, campaigns and even tools for the affiliate world for the past 7 years, he is somewhat of a relic and always someone to follow in affiliate marketing.

Today we have Ian Fernando of

‘… Not only is Ian one of the most talented people I know — he is the inventor of rockin’  products! It’s like being around excellence, you’re just in awe. Effective, efficient and exciting…Like Ian’ – Monica Durazo


So lets find out more about the life of this great affiliate marketer.


Name – Ian Fernando
Location – the Internet
Job – Boss


Can you give our readers a brief history of your past and what it was like starting in the internet world?

I started out like everyone else. I grew up in a family where school is important. Where school will promise you a better future. I was a hard headed kid and I rarely listened to my parents which puts me in my situation now. I was always onto new trends, always wanting the newest software or nintendo 64 game. I was a go-getter as well. When my PC had the ability to burn CDs I went around school asking if anyone wanted their own custom CD.

Then real life started, I was kicked out of my parents house because I didn’t want to finish school. I was working 4 jobs to just sustain myself and even got into bad situations in life. Then it came to me that I wanted more, or at that time I wanted to just remove 2 out of 4 jobs I had.

Starting out on the internet is scary, especially since it is still so young. It is also rewarding because when you receive your first 7$ on the internet it becomes a source of drive for you to do more.


What was your first business and how did you know it was going to do well?

My first business on the internet was creating niche websites. I created multiple sites about different niches filled with affiliate links from ebay, amazon, shareasale, etc. Later I found out that what I was doing was affiliate marketing so I expanded out of the niche vertical and started to attack it at a high level. I had help from my affiliate manager who worked for an affiliate network and from there she helped me go from 50$ a day to 1k a week and then to 1k a day!

Without her help I don’t think I would be where I am currently.


Your home site has always had great coverage. Can you offer us some advice on how you source and write all of your content?

Most of the content I write, as they are all experiences with different traffic sources and case studies I have done in the past. My blog also holds a lot of personal information from vacations to what I am thinking now.

With so many things currently happening the participation on my blog has dwindled and I now ask other bloggers to help create content for me, guest blogging.


What’s been the best social platform to get your content shared across and why?

I think Facebook as I believe there is way more interaction on Facebook than any other platform. Also it can become more than just traffic, it can be a portal to all your other items or a portal to just get and acquire new leads.

Twitter was a big player and I think it can not compete with Facebook users. Facebook users are now getting their news from Facebook with included gossip from their friends. Facebook to me is a great source for traffic.



Do you have any special tools or tricks you could share with us for marketing content? (Tools, platforms, reports etc)

Most of my tools I have custom made because there are a lot of great tools out there, but there is always that 1 feature you want and no one has. So I tend to always have my own platforms and tools developed. After my own use I also tend to share it to the public. My own multi variant test engine has been put public and my own affiliate ‘sniffing’ tool is also public. I figured if I am having these problems there has to be another person just like me having the same issues. After 2 years of development, my software company has been sold and now I am starting a new software company with new tools I need as I am consistantly growing with my business.


Have you ever tried a really crazy campaign? Something wild and different to attract users?

In this business you always have to be very creative and think differently to everyone else. Crazy campaigns are always on my mind. One example I did back in the day is an interactive affiliate campaign where the end user would complete a funnel and based on how many they completed a piece of clothing would come off this model. This was an interactive campaign and did very well.


What affiliate models do you use, how do you earn money with your site?

I buy traffic. That is what I like to do because it is always challenging and there are so many variables to test. I like that. I like challenges and traffic is predictable as well as being unpredictable. I enjoy looking at the analytics of traffic. From one click I can depict what time, where they click from, what device, what operating system, etc. I can get so much information from that user from just 1 click and that is why I find it enjoyable. Traffic becomes a game to me, figuring out new strategies based on the information I am given from that one user.


Whats the number 1 advice you say to a new person looking into affiliate marketing?

Dive In and Do it. Mistakes are a natural part of life and everyone who starts out will think they can make it overnight when it’s not true. I personally have been in this industry for 7 years. The first 2 years I struggled and held onto a job for security. After a situation with my boss I took the risk to go on my own and I literally tripled my own income in 3 months. I have now been full time for 5 years and I enjoy it a lot.

A lot of new users are scared, they do not want to take risks. I understand certain situations such as providing for family, but save 100$ and spend it on something small, slowly take the risk. It is either you’re doing it or you’re not, there is no try in this industry.


Where do you see the affiliate world in 5 years time?

A lot of things are changing and in the last 4 years it has changed multiple times. Affiliate marketing is currently being ‘washed’, getting the old scammers of affiliate marketing out and bringing in new go getters who have a chance of earning money. Even though it is tougher than it was 7 years ago, there is still room to grow and earn. Again the internet is still young.


Do you have any new and interesting projects for the future?

I have recently merged myself from an affiliate to an advertiser. I now have my own nutracutical products and now creating a new software as I need new tools as my business grows. You will soon hear about it once it is all complete!


I would just like to say a very big thank you to Ian for this interview and I hope many of you feel inspired to continue or start your own affiliate campaigns. Remember if you ever need a very effective and subtle monetization solution YieldKit is only one click away.


Many thanks,

Rob Walker