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Your Purchase Intent DMP


Escalate your advertising income to the next level and boost the relevancy of your content with YieldInsights’ DMP

Increase your advertising revenue

YieldInsights is the Data Management Platform specialized in first party purchase intent and post purchase data, which enables you to increase the revenue of your CPMs for direct and programmatic inventory.

Monetize your data in the most effective way

Boost the value of all your ad inventory by segmenting your user data the way your advertisers need. Enabling advertisers to target a segmented audience will increase the value of your CPMs and allow only relevant advertisements to be displayed for your audience. Enjoy total flexibility of setting up your own custom segments or using the standard segmentation provided by YieldInsights.

Custom & Standard Audience Segmentation

Reach the next level of programmatic advertising

  • Configure & Push: Add any DSP or Ad Server and push the segments you want
  • Sync: You can sync your segments via pixel, javascript or an iframe to any system
  • API: Maximum flexibility to sync your segments


Sync via pixel, trading desk, ad server or API

Spot new opportunities to improve your business with Insights Explorer

Discover which verticals and topics are most relevant to your users and which topics deliver the highest revenue. Use the Insights Explorer to learn more about your audience and as a starting point to build your custom audience segments.

Start slicing into the data by clicking on any chart to drill down into the next level.

Reveal new business opportunities with an innovative way of analysing your data

Open a new revenue stream by selling your data with Insights Reward

YieldKit is connected to multiple Data Marketplaces and providers who pay every time they use your Data. No need to add several JavaScripts since our solution has a deep integration with these providers.

Benefits of YieldInsights

  • First-party user data maximizes your advertising revenues- The most relevant data for advertisers
  • Monetize your data through segments to boost the value of your ad inventory
  • Create a new revenue stream by selling your data to Data Marketplaces
  • Create your own custom segments or use our standard segmentation
  • Increase earnings and relevancy of your ad content through targeted ads
  • Configure your DSP and ad servers and export your data
  • Sync your segments via pixel, javascript or an iframe to any system
  • Open API for maximum flexibility to sync your segments
  • Detailed insights about your audience enable a personalized user’s experience through more relevant content

YieldInsights is our proprietary DMP specialized in purchase intent and post purchase data. The underlying natural language processing engine is capable to extracting more than 175.000 named entities in eight languages across 18 main verticals. Every datapoint of a user’s journey which flows through our system is processed and used to compute product interest, purchase intent and post purchase segments.