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Discover a new way of content monetization and multiply your internal traffic


Create new revenue streams running your own in-content campaigns

YieldConnect enables you to manage and monetize your own featured editorial content selecting the advertiser, the type of campaign and the keywords you want. Add technical targeting and advanced targeting (purchase intent and product interest) to maximize revenue. We provide the user-interface, ad-server and marketplace to make it easy to track sales and to manage multiple campaigns from an advertiser.

Boost your internal traffic by running in-house campaigns

Push ad specials and featured content through keywords in your website to boost your internal traffic, multiply clicks, impressions and session duration. Internal campaigns add value to your website and your data thereby increasing the interest of your users in your content. You will get to know your audience better and marketers will pay more for this valuable data.

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Keywords selection & targeting with YieldConnect

Benefits of YieldConnect

  • New revenue stream running your own in-content campaigns
  • Monetize your own advertising partners or YieldKit’s extensive network
  • Set any keyword and target your users with the most advanced parameters
  • Innovative way of boosting your traffic with internal campaigns
  • FREE with full implementation of YieldLink and YieldWord in your websites
  • The best results delivered by YieldKit’s proven Monetization Platform

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Advanced Analytics & Reporting