Monetizing web assets with YieldKit shall be a great experience. Our goal is to design the best performing monetization solutions for you, that are easy to use.

If you have any questions please check our FAQ & Tutorials.
If you don't get your answer quickly, it would be a pleasure for us to assist.

FAQ (Friendly Asked Questions)

Top Questions

How It Works

Oh Yes, that's a pleasure:

  1. Register
    Click the "Sign Up" button. Fill in your email and website and click "Register".
  2. Install
    Copy the Java Script snippet onto your website. Check our tutorial videos for a 2 minute installation guide.
  3. Earn Money
    Everytime a YieldKit link is clicked and a product purchased, you earn money.

With YieldKit you can enjoy lots of advantages:

  • Automatic and revenue optimized monetization
  • Totally Free
  • High precision: keyword matches
  • 6% average conversion rate
  • Up to 30ct eCPC
  • International team ready to support
  • Usable with other affiliate networks or monetization products
  • Daily reports
  • Perfect for user generated content and archive content
  • Customizable to your needs
  • Extreme fast loading time
  • Real time: page analysis and ad optimization

Every link placed or converted by YieldKit is a new monetization opportunity for you. Everytime a user clicks on a YieldKit link and buys a product you get a commission. This commission is based on the order value without taxes and shipping. The commission rate differs from advertiser to advertiser.


Order value without taxes and shipping $ 100
Commission Rate 7.5 %
Income $ 7.5

Most shops offer a tracking period up to 60 days. That means even if your user buys later within the tracking time, you can also earn.

In general we advise you to be transparent with your users. Therefore you can integrate our transparency badge in your website.

The visibility of YieldKit depends on the product:

Your link looks like a standard link, as you placed it.

You can customize the title attribute that appears on mouse over to disclose that the link is a smart monetization opportunity.

Contains a small YieldKit icon

Yes. You can use YieldKit together with other monetization solution. We don't know about any technical interferences.

Our system does not over-write any existing affiliate links on your website unless you change that in your account settings. So you can work with your current partners as you did before.

However, we can help manage your affiliate links for you. We can offer better rates because of our scale, along with consolidated reporting, accurate link creations, fast maintenance and one simple paycheck for you to cash.

Click the "Sign Up" button. Fill in your email and website and click "Register". Remember YieldKit is free to register and use. You will then recieve an email asking for activation of your account.

YieldKit could not be easier to install. We offer full and comprehensive install guides.

Our java script install works well with every website. We also provide plugins and tutorials for website systems such as Wordpress and Joomla etc.

We check every website to assure the quality of our network. The length of time for YieldKit to begin working on your site can be between 1 minute and 1 day. We try to approve publishers as soon as possible.

YieldKit is a multi-lingual tool that works with websites in different languages.

While YieldLink works globally, YieldWord and YieldWidget support English and German at the moment.

YieldKit works quite well with:

Editorial Content
Blogs, News Sites, Portals

User Generated Content - Communities & Social Media
Forums, Social Networks, Microblogs, Bookmarking, Web Services

Content Networks
Networks of content sites

Traffic Networks
Networks with traffic generation strategies

Web Catalogs and Search Engines

No. We have strict criteria. We accept websites that are clean and not abusive.

If your website contains: Pornography, Weapons, Violence or other abusive areas then we will not accept you to join our partner network.

We are always working on and updating our keyword index for different verticals.

YieldWord supports Consumer Electronics, Finance and Advertiser Names of each vertical. YieldWidget supports Consumer Electronics at the moment.

Soon To Be Announced Verticals:

  • Mobile
  • Travel
  • Dating
  • Software
  • Fashion

YieldKit allows you to have multiple sites linked to a single account. This makes it easier for you to track your statistics in one easy dashboard.

Simply integrate the YieldKit code on your new website and we will recognize it.

Yes. You can introduce new people to the YieldKit system and earn yourself money. 10% of commissions we earn with the referred publisher in the first year will be paid to you. All you need to do is use the referral link that you find in your user account.

On the YieldKit backend under the ‚Installation' tab you can find our transparency that are great for bringing in more referrals.

YieldKit is different from a classic affiliate network. We automatically generate affiliate links out of already existing product links, product names and brand names on your website. With YieldKit you do not need to sign up to every affiliate program individually; instead all links are controlled and organized by YieldKit.

Simply integrate your YieldKit code, which you get on, into your website to activate Yieldkit.


You should have received an email after signing up. This email contains a confirmation link. Please click this link to enable your account.

If you got no mail please check first your SPAM folder. If there is also no mail please send us an email to We will resend you the email.

Please go to Feel free to set a bookmark for this page.

No. Your account is totally free of charge. We earn money through a commission share model. You can read more about it under payout.

For the creation of your account (registration) you only need an email and your website or project URL.

Since we want to pay you your earnings as soon as possible it is important that you furthermore fill out your contact details, select your tax situation (don't worry - it's very easy to understand) and provide us with your bank details or Paypal email.

Simply login to your account and navigate to "Account". Now select the „Payout“ tab.

Please send us a short email to
If you are not happy about our service we would really like to know how to improve it. It would be very nice to get feedback from you and some information regarding the closure of your account.


Direcly after login you will be directed to your dashboard, this gives you an overview regarding the performance of your account.

More in detail reports are provided by our Pro Analytics.

Your Pro Analytics provide you with in depths reports on your account performance:

  • Revenue By Day
  • Revenue By Site
  • Best Links For Total Revenue
  • Best Pages For Total Revenue
  • Sites By Outbound Traffic
  • Most Clicked Links
  • Clicks are all clicks that are monetizable through the YieldKit system.
  • CR stands for Conversion Rate (No. Of Transactions/Clicks).
    Your users generated 100 clicks and 6 transactions. Then your Conversion Rate is at 6%.
  • eCPC is your average earning per click.

Check your best Pages and Links on a frequent basis. Create more content about these topics. Find more strategies in our Monetization Blog.


The formula is simple: you earn a commission on every sale that is generated through your website. YieldKit gives you 75% of the original commision payout you earn through YieldLink. For YieldWord a variable amount of money is paid to you, depending on the type of campaign and the performance of your keywords.

Successful advertisers pay usually between 2-10% of the transaction amount without taxes and shipping.

This depends on the clearance by the advertiser. Commissions displayed in your dashboard have different states:

The transaction got tracked. The Advertiser has to approve the commission for it now

The advertiser already approved this commissions

The advertiser cancelled the commission for the transaction. This can be based on different reasons.

For example:

  • The whole transaction was cancelled by the user.
  • The advertiser or our system detected fraudulent clicks.

In general advertisers have the right to cancel a commision for up to two months after the transaction is made.

YieldKit payments are made at the end of every month. We send you the cleared account balance, provided it is over 30.00/$/€/£.

If it's under 30.00/$/€/£, we will carry over your balance to the next month and then send a payment out as soon as you surpass the minimum figure.

We transfer the amount to the bank or PayPal account that you have provided in your account settings.

Yes, you get a credit memo for each payment transfer. We send you your credit memos via email and you can also download them from your user account.

In your account settings you can define your tax circumstances.


The API allows a more advanced integration of YieldKit. You can build complete new business models based on it. All our own products are based on our API.

Our API is used by:

  • Big websites with special integration needs
  • Content Networks
  • Traffic Networks
  • Mobile Apps
  • Cashback Systems
  • Coupon Sites

And lots of other Business Models.

Please send us an email to with a short descrition of the project you plan to realize with the API. This enables us to give you the best support related to the API.

You can find your API key and API secret in your user account. Simply login, go to „Account“ and click the „API“ tab.


You can check if an advertiser is supported with the advertister coverage check in your user account.

For some advertisers we check special requirements. We do this as soon as we automatically recognized a first click from your website to one of this advertisers. If your website meets the criteria of the advertiser we enable the relationship.

By taking over the technical process, we allow publishers to focus on what they're good at - creating great content, which is going to sell products and services.

YieldKit also increases click-through rates and conversions. Our system makes the links to your site look “natural”. We don't use blatantly embedded affiliate codes. This helps customers to have more confidence in their shopping experience.

We currently work with 24,000 advertiser shops.

The YieldKit system allows you to see everything. We are happy to create an advertiser account for you, so you get full control over the advertising experience and where your products are displayed. You even have the option to "opt-out" of a publisher you are uncomfortable with.

YieldKit typically works through affiliate networks like LinkShare, Zanox and Commission Junction. Please make sure that proposal gets „approved“ or send us an partnership offer via your network. If you run an internal affiliate program then please contact us via email to or phone (+49 40 41 620 400) for an individual solution.



This video shows how easy it is to install YieldKit. Enjoy Ninas 44 seconds guide.

This video shows how easy it is to install YieldKit. Enjoy Ninas 1 minute guide.

This video shows how easy it is to install YieldKit. Enjoy Ninas 100 seconds guide.

This video shows how easy it is to install YieldKit. Enjoy Ninas 100 seconds guide.

This video shows how easy it is to install YieldKit. Enjoy Ninas 46 seconds guide.

Tumblr Installation Tutorial

This video shows how easy it is to install YieldKit. Enjoy Ninas 1 minute guide.


The Re-Affiliation feature overwrites existing affiliate links to Amazon and eBay.
If your website contains user generated content - like a community or a forum - we recommend you to enable this feature. You can earn more revenue and also avoid spam comments.

If you want that we do not overwrite your own Amazon Tracking ID/eBay Publisher ID, please enter them in the fields „Your Amazon Tracking ID“ / „Your Ebay Publisher ID“.

Example for an Amazon Tracking ID: abcXx-21

You can find your Amazon Tracking ID on the top left of every page in your Associates Account.

Example for an eBay Publisher ID: 5501234567

So you can find your eBay Publisher ID:

  • Login to your PartnerNetwork Account.
  • Navigate to Tools.
  • Choose the Link Generator.
  • Create a link.
  • Change Code Type from JavaScript to HTML.
  • In your code you can find the param &pub=
    The 10 digit number behind the param is your eBay Publisher ID.

This feature enables you to exclude advertiser domains of the conversion through YieldLink. Put the domain without http:// and without www. into the field. If you want to put more than one domain in the field, than seperate the domains by comma.


You can control how often YieldWord is allowed to convert keywords into links. With this feature you can set the minimum distance between 2 words that are converted into affiliate links. Since every website, their users and their content are different, we have the experience that there is no general optimum.

With lower distance, the possbility is higher that we link more. But if the distance it too low, your visitors may get annoyed. So be careful with this feature. At the end you have the deepest knowledge about your users and their needs and also about your goals.

In general we work everyday to make the linked words even more relevant. Relevance is also the reason why we don't set a link every time after the minimum distance. We really want to convert the most relevant keywords. We think that is the way to the best user experience that will lead to the best performance.

You can specify the area of your pages where YieldWord is allowed to convert keywords into affiliate links. Therefore you can enter a HTML ID and/or a CSS class of a HTML element that contains the area.

If you are not familiar with HTML: You can skip this settings. In general our system analyzes the sourrounding of your content to assure that YieldWord is only active in relevant areas. But please send us an email to with a link to your page if you see converted words in an area, that you don't want.

If you use wordpress, you can use these HTML ID/CSS classes with most themes:

  • Main content (not in header, sidebar and footer): HTML ID = „content“
  • Post and comments: CSS-Class = „entry“
  • Post: CSS-Class = „entry-content“

You can select a custom link title. If one of your visitors moves the mouse over a YieldWord link then the text you specified will be shown with a yellow background.

In general we use your standard link color. If you want to use another color for YieldWord links you can enter a hex code (f.e. #0075BA) in the field. To find your favorite color you can check

Select in which positions you want to activate YieldWidget.

  • Intext shows a widget on keywords direct in text.
  • Sidebar shows a widget at the right bottom of your page.

Any open questions?

You can simply call us +49 40 41 620 400
or drop us a line to